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NvnInstaller.MsiDotNet interacts with Windows Installer and controls complete installation process. NvnInstaller.MsiDotNet is developed using .Net Framework 2.0 and is fully managed code. So any .Net language like VB, C# and technology like WPF can be used for creating installer user interface. Third party components like syncfusion, DevExpress also may be useful to create good looking installer user interface.

Msi Installer - Know more about MsiInstaller class which initiates, controls, terminates installation process.

Installer Classes - Know how to use messages passed by Windows Installer

About Features - Know more about MsiFeature which is the basic class which contains all feature information. Installer user interface author can use the list of features to selectively install/uninstall components.

Steps to build custom UI application - Know how to use custom UI application with installation package created using Nvn Installer