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Nvn Installer needs some of the information to build MSI package. They appear in default tab. But some of the optional information like Support URL, Description, Comments etc can be set in "Optional Properties" tab.

Useful option information -
64 bit package - By default Nvn Installer builds package for 32 bit machines. Check this option to build installation package for 64 bit machines.
Minimum Installer Version - Use this option if more advanced features available only in higher version of Windows Installer are needed for installing your software. You can target your package to be installed on machines with higher version of Windows Installer.

Know more : About Windows Installer, Windows Installer

Languages - Nvn Installer currently supports user interface in English, Danish, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Spanish, Ukrainian languages. Select any language you like and build the setup package.
NOTE: Currently multiple languages are not supported in the same package. You need to build separate package for each language.

License File - Nvn installer requires license file only in RTF format. It is recommended to use Microsoft Wordpad to create RTF files. Using text, doc or changing file extension may not help. Following image shows how it appears during installation.
[Image how it is shown while installation]

Add/Remove programs icon - Select icon files which you want to display in Add/Remove programs window. Like
how Visual studio express icons shown in the following image.

[Image: Add/Remove programs with few icons marked]

User interface types - Nvn Installer comes with 4 set of user interfaces. They are Mondo, FeatureTree, Install Dir, Minimal.

Banner and Dialog images - Select any dialog or banner image which you like to use with installer user interfaces.
It is recommended to use images with proper dimension so that it fits better in installer user interface. Save dialog images to any folder you like and edit them using applications like GIMP, Microsoft Paint etc.
You can always revert back to default image by using "Use Default" link.
[image: show how default image looks and how when custom image used]

Defining features

Features allow your software user to selectively install components of your software. By default only one feature node is created with Product Name. But it is also possible to build package with any level of features.
Nvn installer needs every component, registry etc to be assigned with a feature.

Default Features
It is really hard job to set feature to each file if you are building a package with thousands of files. Following options are useful in such cases.
1. Set a feature as default feature (shown in blue color), so that application uses the default feature if no feature is assigned to it.
2. Right click on any file, folder or registry node >> Select "Set Feature" >> Select any feature that you like to apply to the selected node >> Click Apply. This will set the selected feature to the selected component and all its child nodes.

Following image shows how feature and its description is shown in installer user interface.
[image: installer image with feature tree and description marked]

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