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Steps to create Simple Installer

1. Start Nvn installer
    A. Using desktop shortcut
    B. Click Start >> All programs >> Nvn Installer >> Nvn Installer
    C. Directly run application from C:\Program Files\Nvn Installer\NvnInstaller.exe

2. Fill product information
    A. Select License File that you like to show while installing your software.
    B. Set Output File where setup package need to be stored.
    C. Set Prerequisites if your software depends on anything like .Net. Download prerequisite supporting files Downloads
    D. Set Dialog and banner image. Only those who bought registration key can use this feature.
    E. Set User interface language installation package.
    F. Set Product code, Upgrade code, Package ID. Click generate button to create new ID for you.
    G. Set Product Name, Title, Author and Manufacturer with any alpha numeric value. Value of Version should be in format x.x.x.x where x is an integer(numeral)

3. Create feature
    Creating and assigning feature to every component is necessary to build an installation package.
    A. How to create feature tree ?
        a. Right click on feature tree and click "Add new feature" to create root node.
        b. Right click on any node and click "Add new feature" to add child feature to the selected node.
    B. Selecting default feature.
        Nvn Installer assigns default feature for the components if any feature is not selected for it.
        Method 1. Right click on any node that you want to be default feature and click "Default feature".
        Method 2. Select any node. Set "Is default" to true in the properties.

4. Create components
    A. Set destination folder.
        a. Make sure you are in Components >> Files tab.
        b. Right click and hover mouse on "Destination Folder" and select any form of destination
            1. Use Custom Folder if you want to install your software on custom destination. For ex: "c:\Test\"
            2. Use other 3 formats if you want to install in Program Files folder.
    B. Add files and folders
        a. Select any node >> Right click >> "Add Folder" to add any folder under selected node.
        b. Select any node >> Right Click >> Browse Folder to add any folder, its child nodes under the selected node.
        c. Select any node >> Right Click >> Browse Files to add any files under the selected node.

Minimum information needed to build an installation package.

1. License file path
2. Output file path
3. Product code, Upgrade code, Package ID, Title, Version, Author, Manufacturer.
4. At least one feature is defined.
5. Destination node selected in Components >> Files tab

Download video tutorial